Have Heart Co. is a mental health awareness brand selling apparel and accessories in support of mental health advocacy efforts. A portion of all sales is donated to provide therapy to those in need. Our goal is not only to give back and help those in need but to empower YOU. Mental health impacts so many individuals around the world and we want to break down the stigma that surrounds it. We want people to wear our clothing and accessories proudly as a symbol of what they have overcome, in support of others and to serve as an opportunity to initiate conversation about mental health. Join us in having heart for yourself and for others. 

About The Founder

Our founder, Ashley Setzer, is a licensed mental health counselor and a licensed /board certified art therapist who works in private practice in Santa Fe, NM. Due to her personal struggles as well as her work as a therapist, she has seen first hand the stigma and shame that surrounds mental health. Ashley created Have Heart Co. with the intent to give back and support those struggling and initiate healthy conversations surrounding mental health.