Recovery Month Collection | Promises Behavioral Health X Have Heart Co.

We collaborated with Promises Behavioral Health to bring you this awesome recovery inspired collection!

National Recovery Month, also known as Recovery Month, is nationally recognized and held every September. The month is filled with educational materials, events and celebrations that work to educate Americans on the impact that substance use treatment and mental health services can have on the lives of millions. 

Recovery Month celebrates the milestones of those in recovery. Just like how we honor positive health progressions by those managing other health conditions like diabetes, cancer or heart disease. This serves to create a positive message and reduce the stigmas around getting behavioral health help.


Promises Behavioral Health fills the gaps in treatment by creating unique programs for unique people in unique environments. We partner with clients, their family members and other treatment providers to understand which needs aren’t being adequately addressed, and then develop programs that are carefully designed to meet those needs. 

Our centers are committed to providing the highest quality clinical care for addiction and mental health disorders. Utilizing the latest evidence-based approaches and specialized programming tailored to our clients’ needs, we help people build the resilience and skills they need to heal. And we believe that through healing individuals, communities heal.